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I saw the "Gmail is creepy" website over a year ago, before I even had gmail, but I just got a link to it again today and it has a new (to me) cartoon at the bottom that I just had to share:

Effing hilarious.

on Jul 03, 2005
Sad but true!
on Jul 04, 2005
You know it's sad but true!

oh, hi. sorry, i like Metallica.
on Jul 04, 2005
And here I thought this was going to be some kind of Google/Walmart analogy.
on Jul 05, 2005
I can see that being a debate in the 2008 race...Google Toolbar vs No Google Toolbar
on Jul 07, 2005
That article made no sense really.

First the guy slags about how google search and google ads are the end of the world, but then turns around and complains about how 'irrelevant' the google ads are while he is reading news. I do not understand what kind of marketing opportunity he expects to find when reading an article about a serial killer (handcuffs, duct tape, chainsaws, guns?). He must think there is some person who works for google who reads that article and selects ads based upon its information otherwise the code for those ads would be fairly complex in order to match perfectly every time. Besides, why does he care so much? Does he even use them?

He's just a h8er cause his friends won't invite him to gmail.
on Jul 08, 2005
gmail google answers google search One day you'll be looking at your 'Gpod' uploading through 'gtooth' to 'gbrowser' sitting at your 'gapple' and eventually the US Government will own the lot (more profitable than oil- none left!) and - the letter 'G' will be removed from the English alphabet - trademarked.
Why Google will beat all comers in the webhosting war!
on Jul 08, 2005
"and eventually the US Government wiil own the lot"

Don't think so, at the rate Google wants to expand and control things, it will own the US government.

Hopegully they'll never trade mark the letter G, otherwise I'll not be able to tell 'em to go to buggery when asked if I want one of their accounts.
on Jul 18, 2005
Interesting, also the comments. Sorry I currently can not rate this, which is probably
a today WC issue again, even though I am logged in and have a WC and JU site (or is
that their issue again), or is this a stardock thread? Did not think it was. Thought
it was a WC thread. The linked article and comic panel up there are worthwhile, any-