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will I get the beta?
Published on September 20, 2005 By PJ_ In Galactic Civilizations II
If I preorderd the game today (not through TGN) would I have access to beta 4 when it comes out, or will I have to wait until the final release?

(It's actually a moot question for me, since I already did preorder the game today, but I'm curious to know how long I'll have to wait.)
on Sep 20, 2005
You should have access to the next major beta release.

(98.39% certain on this response)
on Sep 20, 2005

The confirmed info says:
If you preorder now, you will not get access to Beta 3.
You will get access to Beta 4 which is due out late October.

And as beta 4 will be pretty much feature-complete it should be much more interesting than Beta 3!

(Beta 3 is looking good but is missing several key features like fleets, diplomacy, textures and most of the tech tree/hulls/modules/buildings, as well as suffering from a couple of really annoying bugs which are being fixed)
on Sep 20, 2005
You get access to beta 4.  But you will not get beta 3.